What is the Progressive People Network?

The Progressive People Network provides business professionals and entrepreneurs with the tools and strategies to navigate their careers and lives in a way that gets them rapid and long-term success. The models and systems are based on what drives the top one percent to the level of success they attain.

Why Progressive?

PPN offers internationally recognised certifications and uniquely tailored programmes for people who want to make rapid, positive and sustainable changes in their lives. 

PPN courses are accredited by the highly-esteemed Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM), which is based in London. PPN programmes have been put together by an outstanding team of leading entrepreneurs, top consultants and global representatives of the educational industry.

Why join PPN?

By joining PPN, you open yourself up to a vibrant network of people who are constantly striving to achieve excellence in all areas of their life. With unique and exclusive tools that focus on elevating advanced communication and organizational skills such as the altitude approach, 4D training and profiling tools, we get outstanding results in a short space of time. The models, strategies and tools developed by PPN Founder Martin Mckenzie over a decade of working with the top one percent in multiple industries, enables individuals to progress way beyond industry and personal norms. We are creating new leaders at the cutting edge of thinking, solving problems and challenges and our ultimate goal is to take each and every one of our members to the next level.

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