Introducing the professional Group

Before joining our group, many struggle with the rigidity and inflexibility of corporate structures. They continually hit glass ceilings when they try to progress or change careers, leading to frustration, demotivation and apathy in their professional lives. By learning new strategies that move people past the challenges they face, members rapidly progress in their careers. In just six months of being in the professional program, some members have experienced 20-25% pay increases and jumped three years in their career. They have been able to position and transition to where they want to be within their company or wider industry or in a new accelerated role in a very short space of time.

Exclusive Benefits

One to one Mentoring

Advanced communication and mindset skills

Career acceleration strategies

Certified professional qualifications

Connecting with like minded people across multiple industries

Course Duration

Seven full days' training over the course of a year. Sessions are held over the weekend for working professionals.


Upon Application.
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