Introducing the graduate Group

The graduate recruitment market is the most competitive it has ever been. Highly successful university graduates are being rejected for multiple roles, and many have to settle for internships with no guarantee of a job at the end. With hundreds of highly-skilled applicants in line for sometimes just one job, how do you set yourself apart? What can you show above and beyond a good degree that will have employers excited to have you join their team or organisation? Many graduates are often not thinking clearly enough about the industry they want to go into, and sometimes settle for the first opportunity that comes along. New strategies are needed for this current economy to enable Graduates to get where they want to get to faster: to a job they'll truly enjoy. Having the top skills, strategies and mindset to allow you to go after what you really want, will change your remaining university experience and accelerate the process when graduating.

Exclusive Benefits

Learn the secrets of what employers are looking for

Create a progressive mindset to your development and career

Access to our accelerated learning systems

Take control of your future

Course Duration

Seven full days' training over the course of a year. Sessions are held over the weekend.


Upon Application.
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