Introducing the coaching Group

In today’s economic climate, many individuals and businesses are seeking opportunities to grow or sustain their businesses. Business coaching consultancy and mastermind groups are increasingly becoming the preferred option for many looking to set themselves apart from their competitors. People seek to gain cutting-edge proven knowledge that brings success in the short and long term. The Progressive Academy coaching course developed for PPN Members is comprehensive in every area of coaching and covers strategies, some of which are exclusive to PPN, to assist individuals, groups or organisations in achieving their goals. Business development modules create a path to new business opportunities so that growing the right clientele base becomes a headache of the past. Modules include 'Building your niche' and the all-important 'Retaining your clients'. The course is spread out over an eight month period, which allows for fast and consistent progression and feedback. Courses are accredited through the Institute of Leadership and Management, NLPTA (accreditations in advanced communications) as well as the Progressive Academy certification (change and transformation), which is our highest standard. Assessment is based on the demonstration of knowledge, attitude and leading practical elements of training. Within the training given, opportunities may arise to facilitate elements of PPN groups as part of the assessment.

Exclusive Benefits

Becoming a Progressive Academy certified coach and facilitator, allowing you to lead and facilitate groups and provide corporate training in specific areas

Facilitate group development sessions

One to one coaching and mentoring

Knowledge of PPN exclusive models and strategies

Company consultancy

Group mentoring

Course Duration

24 days


Upon Application.
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