Introducing the ceo Group

For more than a decade, PPN Founder Martin McKenzie has been coaching and consulting for top global CEOs. His tried and tested models and strategies have created significant value for the organizations they lead. Now, for the first time, this knowledge is available outside of elite circles. Martin's leadership, 'mastermind' and advanced thinking systems have transformed many leading international corporations. His knowledge and experience will now help you to transform and grow your business, to take it where you want to go. By joining this exclusive private network, you will acquire advanced skills and knowledge to set you and your business apart in the market, and have a network of established business owners from other industries to bounce off ideas and share experiences with. Martin’s strategies and systems allow you to spend much more time on business strategy as a leader, rather than being dragged into day-to-day operations. This allows you to give your energy and focus to move the organization in the direction of long-term and sustainable success.

Exclusive Benefits

Access to exclusive network of like-minded CEOs

Access to expert knowledge and information that will transform your organization

The latest technology in communication strategies

Wealth of mastermind knowledge

Course Duration

Seven full days' training over the course of a year


Upon Application.
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