2015 could be a big year for your business, in fact it could be a VERY big year!

The BILLION pound transformation!

Martin McKenzie, founder of business network PPN World, is the go-to man for many of the top one per cent of chief executives. His private group of 20 business leaders and financiers has a multi-billion pound personal net worth. Having correctly predicted the crash in 2008, Martin saved those members more than £1bn through applying his strategies directly into their businesses and investments. Over a 7 year period, Martin McKenzie took a private client from being worth a few hundred thousand to being a BILLIONAIRE. There’s only one question any serious business owner asks after hearing that.....HOW?

Join us at Mayfair to hear Martin pass on his practical wisdom and insight on the 30th of January in London. Martin will also be launching his PPN Business Club which will provide an opportunity for a select group of business owners to come and spend 12 days with him and his team over the course of 2015. There’s one, simple aim for the PPN Business Club: To transform your business to where you want it to be. During the year Martin will share his strategies and knowledge that the world’s one per cent come to him for, as well as having dedicated time to focus on you and your business.

As Neil Jenkins, managing director of a logistics business, says: “Lessons and tips started working within a week of the first session. Even if I only attended one day of this course, it would have been the best investment in my life!

"Tell me More!" - You say

Well, sure! On the 30th of January, from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm,  we’re hosting a launch day to for business owners to come and experience who we are, what we do AND most importantly - meet Martin McKenzie in person.

At the end of the day, there will be an opportunity for a few of you to apply for membership into this elite transformational Club.  Sign up today for the early bird price of £95, down from £135.

During the day Martin will go into some of the transformations that your business could experience in 2015 and share some of the tips he gives his top billionaire clients.

Sign up today for a day that is going to CHANGE YOUR GAME.


Event Details

Tuesday 30 December 2014


The May Fair Hotel

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