Introducing the Academy

By gaining certification with The Progressive Academy you are showing your commitment and willingness to develop to a higher level in your business or career and become part of a progressive global network of people creating business, career and life changes on an individual, community or international basis. 

Development in a changing world

The Progressive Academy design and endorse world-class personal, business and professional training and development programs. We offer courses that provide relevant skill sets and training to a changing world, society and new economies in order bring up-to-date and cutting-edge training and accreditations that put our members ahead of their competitors. The days of simply working hard at what you do and hoping for the best are over. Most now agree that there is no such thing as a job for life.
We live in an ever-changing, complex world where keeping yourself relevant with the latest information and training can mean the difference between failure and success. Our training approach is beyond theory and is instead based on what actually works in the field, with tried and tested models that will allow you to approach opportunities and potential challenges with confidence, the skills to solve problems and get to successful outcomes.

Who is the Academy for?

The Progressive Academy provide global certifications and run training programmes for individuals, communities, governments and corporates.

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