Meet the Game Changer

Martin McKenzie is the trusted advisor to the top one percent of world leaders and global businesses. Martin works on a strictly referral only, off market basis and consults clients on a global platform. Martin has created models, mentored and guided CEOs and leading figures across multiple sectors, including government, finance, entertainment and the charitable sector. This gives him a unique altitude and perspective to understand global issues and challenges and identify opportunities. His moniker The Game Changer is what his top one percent clients refer to him as because of his ability to connect the dots which allows them to operate at a completely different level. 

Change and Transformation Expert

Martin's trademark approach to change reduces the time for transformation. His solutions have been pivotal to the success of leaders and organisations during times of change. 

Martin has a unique understanding of organisational behaviour, people and communication dynamics. He cuts through external challenges, which is often where many other approaches focus their time and effort, to get to the real issue. This works in synergy with clear outcomes and client objectives which leads to fast, long lasting and sustainable change. His solutions embedded in systems thinking allow him to effortlessly assist in high level negotiations, from multi billion pound business deals to international sovereign wealth deals in excess of $7bn. Many large charitable organisations and global institutions have leveraged Martin's strategies and methodologies. Martin has dedicated the past decade perfecting the model of human and strategic development. 

The Progressive Movement

Martin has donated a portion of his time to the development of different levels of society and has encouraged other leaders and personalities to do the same, to help share and develop higher skills and abilities.

He invested time into graduates, working professionals and businesses, understanding the challenges they face, from which he created a model and a training programme that deals with those challenges. Martin also conducted a series of trainings to kickstart the programme and developed mentors with a specific philosophy of change and positive transformation in people's work, business, social and personal lives.

Under his guidance the PPN team provides members of the network with personalised blueprints for success along with personal and professional development tracks to take them to their goals in a rapid yet sustainable manner. 


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